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FAQ - Request

Request what you need with Procurify

What are the three types of order items?
Can an order request be backdated?
How to create, save and delete filters
How to include shipping cost on a Order Request
What is a Procurify domain?
How to duplicate an Order Request or Expense Request
Error Message: Looks like the order item below have Account Codes that do not exist in their chosen Department
Error Message: Sum of Cost Allocations does not match total
Is it possible to add attachments to a Request For Expense, once it's approved?
How to edit an Order Request Item on Mobile
How to Fill Out a Request for Order using a URL link.
How to Create a PDF Formatted Version of an Expense Request
Can I Download my Order Request as a PDF Formatted Document?
Can a denied order request be reopened?
Can Purchase Orders be Closed in Bulk?
How to attach files to a Order Request
How to link a Travel Request to an Expense Request
Is there a limit to how many items can be added within an Order or Expense Request?
Can I link a Travel Request to an Order Request?
How to send a Request reminder to an Approver
How to change Vendors within a pending Order Request
How to cancel an Order, Travel or Expense request I've submitted for approval
Can I submit an expense reimbursement on behalf of another user?
How to download the Procurify App on your mobile device
How to view an expense draft on mobile
How to Access Order Request Drafts
How to Save and Access draft of an Expense Report
Is it possible to save multiple request drafts?
Can I Duplicate an Order and make it as Expense Request?
How to Edit the Items Within a Pending Request for Order
Can I Add an Additional Item to a Request I have Already Submitted?
How to view Purchase Orders numbers as a Requester

FAQ - Approve

Approve with Procurify

How to audit or review my approval routing or approvers list?
How to access the audit log on mobile for approvals
Peer Review Approval - Assigning a Request to another Approver
How to view the Approval Group of a request
How to view pending Orders that were submitted by a deactivated user
Can the notification "You're over Budget do you want to Approve anyway?" be disabled?
Why can I Approve a Request when allow Budget Overage is disabled?
What happens when I update an Approval Routing Group?
What happens if I set Approval Group to Any Department?
How to filter Approval Routing Groups by a specific person
Does adding a line Item tax, shipping cost or other costs affect the Variance limit?
Can I change the name of an Item once it's been approved?
Why don't the Filters Work from the Orders Approval Page when I Export a CSV?
What determines which Approver displays first on the drop-down for same level Approvers?
Orders are going to the wrong approver
Why do some Approvers have zero for their threshold?
How to approve multiple bills at once
Can I change Location and/or Department from a submitted Request?
Can an approved expense be deleted?
How to change the Vendor on an Approved Order
Can I change the vendor of an approved expense request?
Can I delete Approval Routing Groups with pending requests?
How to export a list of Approvers within the Approval Routing
Can I undo an approval?
How to find the Approval Routing Groups that are triggered for a specific Department
Error appearing when updating Approval Routing or deleting user in an Approval Routing
Is it possible to change attachments linked to approved Order Request items?

FAQ - Purchasing and Receiving

Purchasing and Receiving with Procurify

How to filter Purchase Order items by custom Request for Order field
How to Revise a Purchase Order
Can I reopen a canceled Purchase Order?
How to check the receive status of sent Purchase Order emails
Can I merge Purchase Orders?
Can I create a Purchase Order using the mobile app?
How to Remove Items within your Purchasing Cart
How to remove items from a Purchase Order
Can I duplicate Purchase Orders?
Why am I unable to edit the cost or quantity of a Purchase Order item?
How to include a Request for Order item comment on a Purchase Order
How to set a vendor as preferred or non-preferred
How to search for Purchase Orders by Vendor
How to auto-receive items
What happens with the requested order items when I cancel a Purchase Order?
Can I resubmit a canceled Purchase Order?
How to Generate PDF File from a Purchase Order
Why can't I increase the item price within a Purchase Order?
Is it possible to edit the Requester comment within a Purchase Order?
How to add comments for vendors within a Purchase Order
Why can't I see an Approved Order Request item on my Procure tab?
Why do I see a lock icon when procuring Items?
How to reopen a closed Purchase Order
How to add items to an existing Purchase Order
What Does PF Stand For on the Procurify Purchase Orders page?
How to send Purchase Orders to vendors 
Where can I find delivery information about my order?
Do custom field edits show up within the Purchase Order audit logs?
Can a canceled external Purchase Order number be reused?
How to Adjust Received Amounts within a Purchase Order
Why am I unable to select a specific Vendor when adding an item to an Order?
Can I delete vendors in bulk?
Why can't I see the Procure tab on Mobile
What are the default Bill To and Ship To values of a Purchase Order?
How to disable custom PO number sequencing
What do the discount symbols on the Purchase Order mean?
How can I see the Purchase Order number of an item I ordered?
How to change the Bill address of a Purchase Order
Can I remove Other as a Vendor option?
How do I add an item to an existing Purchase Order
Order item: Specified PO is not open for receiving
Why can't I add paragraphs or spacing to my Purchase Order Disclaimer/Labels?
Why am I receiving email notifications that an approved item is ready for purchase?
Can I export the Purchase Order history or changelog?
Purchase Orders originating in Procurify are created in NetSuite with a different naming scheme/number
How do I reject an item for Procurement?
How to update the price on a closed Purchase Order item
What do the Icons mean in the procurement page and purchase orders?
How do I include Vendor information such as a identification number in a Purchase Order PDF?
How to edit an Approved Request for Order
Is there a way to change the senders email when emailing Purchase Orders (PO) to vendors?
Understanding Expense Vendor Mapping Logic
How to create Custom Fields for Purchase Orders
Can I delete duplicate Vendor names?
How to Hide Purchase Order or Order Item Custom Fields within the Purchase Order PDF
Is it Possible to Change the Purchase Order Numbering?
Why can't I change the currency of the items on a Purchase Order?
Can I delete a cancelled Purchase Order?
How to create Purchase Order payment terms
Can I Add an E-Signature within a Purchase Order?
Is there a limit to how many items can be added to a Purchase Order?
How to delete approved Order Requests

How to change the default mileage rate on a Request for Expense
Can I change the language in Procurify?
I'm unable to login
How to remove a Department
How to adjust notification settings
Why can't I see Account Codes when creating an order request?
Why am I unable to see the Procure Tab or Purchase Orders?
How to set up a mileage rate for expense requests
Does Procurify Support iPads and Tablets?
How to Set a Default Tax Type
Who do I contact to get a copy of my contract with Procurify?
Can PDF attachments be uploaded to mobile?
What types of custom field types can I add to an Order Request?
How to change the date format within Procurify
Is it possible to receive notifications only for certain Purchase Orders?
How to cancel our Procurify account
Is it possible for a spreadsheet document to be a default part of every order request?
Can I clear old Comments from the dashboard?
How to stop emails from Procurify from going to junk
Is it possible to delete history within the audit log?
Can I Create an Out of Office Notification for Messages Received within Procurify?
Does Procurify Support cXML or EDI 810 Invoicing?
Do Expense Drafts Created on Mobile Save to the Web as well?
Can I Change the Contents of Notification Emails?
How to restrict Requesters from editing catalog items within an Order (Catalock)
Can I have multiple decimal places under cost?
Can I receive items in decimal values?
How do I get a copy of the Procurify invoice for a specific month or period?
What is the file size limit for attachments?
How to remove default tax selection
Can I Update the Language of Email Notifications?
Can I change our Procurify domain URL?
Does Procurify offer API?
TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Deprecation Update
Onboarding FAQ
FAQ: Document Storage
Does Procurify allow for paid development?
What do Procurify notifications look like on mobile, email and slack?
What are Procurify's advanced features?
Is it possible for a Superuser to unlock an item?
How do I check if Procurify is down?
Is Procurify SOC compliant?
What time zones are available in Procurify?
What are Procurify's character limits?
Is there a limit to the number of Items that can be added to the Product Catalog?
Mandatory Order Description
How many Custom Fields can be created?
What role allows users to re-open a Purchase Order?
What do the different colors mean in Procurify?
How to enlarge Procurify's font or the page view
How to deactivate a Location
Can users share an account?
How to set up the Slack integration with Procurify
How to create new shipping terms
How to update your headquarters
How to create a new Purchase Order disclaimer or label
How to mark all notifications as read
Why can I only see some options within the settings page?
How to switch between company domains

Why should I use a NetSuite sandbox for testing?
Which version of the Accounts Payable Module do I have?
What are unbilled items?
What currency will email notifications be sent in?
What is 3-way matching?
How to add a credit card bank account to Procurify
What are the different methods for connecting Bill.com and Procurify?
FAQ: Bill.com
How to set up SaasAnt for QuickBooks
Unable to open PDF file in Procurify
How to check if an Item has been Billed
Why do some Bills not have a Bill ID?
Can I reset the export record of my Bills?
Does Procurify Support EFT Payment Processing or Exports?
How do I see a report of Purchase Order items by Account Code?
Can I update the payment type on the Account Code Correction page?
Why are Bills not appearing in the Reports tab?
Purchase Order line items not appearing in Reports
How to add discounts & credits in Procurify
How to delete a draft Bill
How to update the Vendor listed on a Bill
No result found when selecting pay from within payments
Is there a limit to how many Bills can be added to a Payment?
How to Change the Cost Allocation for unbilled items or Billed items
How many file attachments can I add to a Bill?
How to archive credit card items within reconciliation
How to edit the check number attached to a payment
How to edit a Bill
Can I cancel a payment that was approved?
What do I do after I have matched the items within credit card reconciliation?
If I make a payment to a credit card, how do I add that to a Bill?
Why can't I see Bills?
Who will approve my Bill?
Can I put items from many vendors on a single Bill?
Why can't I Access the Credit Card Reconciliation?
What happens to a non-reimbursable expense if I do not select a credit card?
Will approving and processing a reimbursable Expense Request automatically add the employee as a payee?
How to attach an invoice to a submitted Bill
Can I still change the approver within a submitted Bill?
How to archive Unbilled Items
Why are expense Bills automatically approved once created?
What happens when a Bill is denied?
How to change the payment method of an expense
Is it possible to bulk delete credit card items?
How to apply multiple account codes to an unbilled item
What are miscellaneous costs added to unbilled line items?
How to change Approved items from one credit card to another
Why Can't I See a Purchase Order in the Reconciliation Process?
How to View Payments that are Pending Approval
How to remove a tax type
How to close a financial month
When I receive and unreceive items, what happens to Accounts Payable?
What happens if I withdraw a payment?
How to edit the Account Code, Department or Location of an Approved Request or received Purchase Order
How to add employee payment method details
Why do some Items within the unbilled Items section not have a Purchase Order attached?
How to change a credit card selected within an approved expense report