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How to retrieve Shipping Address IDs (ShipTo IDs)
How to retrieve Shipping Address IDs (ShipTo IDs)
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Shipping Address IDs (ShipTo IDs) are codes that verify the shipping address for your Purchase Order to the PunchOut Supplier.

Shipping Address IDs are required for the following PunchOut Suppliers:

  • MilliporeSigma

  • Grainger

  • VWR

  • Fisher-Scientific


To retrieve Shipping Address IDs:

1. Navigate to Settings > PunchOut Suppliers

2. Under Need shipping address IDs? click Download to retrieve the .csv file

3. E-mail this .csv file to your contact at the above PunchOut Supplier organization(s).

Important: This file must be downloaded and shared with the above PunchOut Supplier(s) when a new location and/or shipping address is created in your domain.

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