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How do I add an item to an existing Purchase Order
How do I add an item to an existing Purchase Order
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Internal Notes:

It is possible to add an item to an open Purchase Order (PO). If the item has already been approved but wasn't added to the PO, skip to step 3. If the item needs to be added to the PO but has not gone through the Approval process, start at step 1.


  1. Create a new Order Request and add the item you'd like to add to the PO. If you need to create an order request that is an exact duplicate of the existing PO, follow the steps listed in the article: How to duplicate an Order Request.

  2. The Request for Order must now be fully approved before it can be added to the Purchase Order in question. Note, that the following steps will only work if the newly approved order request has the same Vendor as the existing Purchase Order.

  3. Once fully approved, reopen the Purchase Order that you wish to add the items to, and select Revise PO

  4. Click the + Order item button above the right side of the item list.

    Search for the approved order request items, and select the checkbox next to the item(s), and select Add Item(s).

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