How to Set a Default Tax Type
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  • Set the default tax when creating bills

  • Determine which tax percentage will be the standard or default


    1. Select Settings on the left-hand navigation bar

    2. Select Manage Tax Types.

    3. Select the


      button beside the tax type you want to set as default.

    4. Select Set As Default.

    5. You'll get a confirmation message on the top right of the page.

Additional Information:

  • Note that when a default tax is applied, it will also affect the tax field in Request for Expense.

  • Only users with the Manage Tax Types permission under Settings will be able to set default tax.

  • You are only able to have one default tax type. When setting a new default tax, the previous one will no longer be the default.

  • If you prefer to not have a default tax, see How to Remove Default Tax Selection.

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