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How to include shipping cost on a Order Request
How to include shipping cost on a Order Request
Updated over a week ago


  • This workaround allows the user to include shipping information in an order request.

There is no way to include shipping information on an order request. Shipping information can be added when creating a Purchase Order in Procurify. The following steps are a workaround for this functionality. To complete the following steps, the user must know the shipping information when submitting the order request.


  1. In the top bar click the + Request button and select Order.

  2. Select the appropriate Location, Department, and Date Required.

  3. Add the item(s) to the Request.

  4. If the shipping costs are known, select + Add New Item and enter the information as a line item.

    • The Account Code and Vendor selection can be the same as the items. Some organizations may create a specific Account Code for the shipping costs.

  5. Ensure the appropriate Approver is selected.

  6. Click Submit for Approval.

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