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How to set up a mileage rate for expense requests
How to set up a mileage rate for expense requests
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Defining the Mileage Rate for Expense Requests ensures that the correct rate is always selected.


  1. Navigate to Settings → Customize Request for Expense Form

  2. Set your default rate and currency and toggle the lock as applicable.

    • See the states below for how the lock toggle applies.


These Milage rates have three different states:

Undefined and Unlocked

If you have not set a mileage rate, Requesters can submit their Requests in any currency with any mileage rate they choose. No values are pre-entered at the Request stage.

Defined and Unlocked

Requesters will see the default rate but can adjust it while creating their Request for Expense.

Defined and Locked

Requesters will have the default values pre-entered and cannot adjust the mileage rate when submitting their Request for Expense.

Additional Information:

  • Mileage settings are global and will be applied to all users.

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