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How to create a customized Bill template for export
How to create a customized Bill template for export
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  • Creating an export Bill template

  • Creating a Procurify template

  • Exporting Bills from Procurify

  • Creating a customized Bill template

Create a Procurify Template for Export: This process will only need to be completed once. After you've created the template, you'll be able to easily access and export this template every time you wish to export a customized Bill template.


  1. In Procurify's Application select Settings Export Data

  2. Locate Bills, and select Prepare CSV

  3. Select the dropdown Format Type and select +Create new format

  4. Select the gear icon


    and select Deselect All

  5. Type in the field Format Name. Example: Bill Template 1

  6. Click the gear icon again, and select the columns necessary for the template. Here are a few examples of commonly used columns: Vendor, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Due Date, Quantity, Unit Amount, and Account Code.

  7. You can update a specific column name by clicking into the field and updating the name of the field.

  8. Here is an example of what a template may look like:

  9. mceclip0.png
  10. If you're ready to export the data, select Create Format

Additional Information:

  • Templates created and saved in your domain are universally visible to users with access to export data from Procurify.

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