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FAQ - Approve
FAQ - Approve

Approve with Procurify

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How to audit or review my approval routing or approvers list?
How to access the audit log on mobile for approvals
Peer Review Approval - Assigning a Request to another Approver
How to view the Approval Group of a request
How to view pending Orders that were submitted by a deactivated user
Can the notification "You're over Budget do you want to Approve anyway?" be disabled?
Why can I Approve a Request when allow Budget Overage is disabled?
What happens when I update an Approval Routing Group?
What happens if I set Approval Group to Any Department?
How to filter Approval Routing Groups by a specific person
Does adding a line Item tax, shipping cost or other costs affect the Variance limit?
Can I change the name of an Item once it's been approved?
Why don't the Filters Work from the Orders Approval Page when I Export a CSV?
What determines which Approver displays first on the drop-down for same level Approvers?
Orders are going to the wrong approver
Why do some Approvers have zero for their threshold?
How to approve multiple bills at once
Can I change Location and/or Department from a submitted Request?
Can an approved expense be deleted?
How to change the Vendor on an Approved Order
Can I change the vendor of an approved expense request?
Can I delete Approval Routing Groups with pending requests?
How to export a list of Approvers within the Approval Routing
Can I undo an approval?
How to find the Approval Routing Groups that are triggered for a specific Department
Error appearing when updating Approval Routing or deleting user in an Approval Routing
Is it possible to change attachments linked to approved Order Request items?