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Why has my Spending card account been deactivated?
Why has my Spending card account been deactivated?
Updated over a week ago

Beginning June 30 2023, Stripe will disable the issuing capability on dormant connect accounts that have not authorized any card transactions in the past 13 months (395 days).

For accounts with additional capabilities, Stripe only disables Issuing if there have also been no payments or Treasury transactions in the prior 395 days and the Treasury balance is $9.99 or less.

What Do I Need to Do?

  • No action is strictly required

  • Review the detailed support article, which outlines the new process and recommended updates to optimize your user experience.

  • Consider emailing your inactive accounts to inform them their cards have been disabled

What else should I know?

  • When Issuing is disabled due to inactivity, the connect account's card_issuing requirements will show a new disabled_reason of "rejected.inactivity" and the card_issuing capability status will be "inactive."

  • All future card authorizations will be declined, but other capabilities, such as payments or Treasury, will not be impacted.

    • Ensure you can handle this new disabled_reason appropriately

  • If you need to reactivate the Issuing capability on a disabled account, refer to the support article.

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