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How do I request spending card funds for someone else?
How do I request spending card funds for someone else?
Updated over a week ago

The following article outlines an updated spending card funds process available to all spending card customers.

The update to Spending Cards allows you to request spending card funds for another cardholder to make distributing funds to your team easier.


On the web App:

  1. Click +Request button at the top of the page

  2. Select Virtual card or Physical card fund.

  3. Select the drop-down the Cardholder and select the user to receive the card/funds.

  4. Finish filling out the details of the Request and select Submit

On the Procurify Mobile app:

  1. Tap Card in the bottom menu bar

  2. Tap Request

  3. Use the Recipient drop-down to select the user you wish to request funds for

  4. Enter the dollar amount, fund name, and additional details, and tap Next

  5. Finish entering the additional details and tap Submit

How do I enable this feature?

This feature has been automatically enabled for all accounts with spending card functionality.

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