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How to deactivate a Location
Updated over a week ago


  1. Go into Settings

  2. Select Manage Locations

  3. Search for the Location you need to deactivate.

  4. Select the


    button on the far right-hand side of the Location

  5. Click Deactivate Location

  6. Review the information within the window that appears and select the blue Deactivate button to confirm


  • When a location is deactivated the historical data will remain on the domain. You can export the information and it will include the deactivated location data as well.

  • You will need access to Settings → Set-up & Manage in order to perform the following steps.

  • Please make sure there are no pending Order or Expense Requests attached to the Location you need to deactivate.

  • Locations must be deactivated in-app and cannot be deactivated in bulk via CSV imports. Please reach out to a Procurify Representative if you need assistance deactivating an extensive list of Locations.

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