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How to add discounts & credits in Procurify
How to add discounts & credits in Procurify
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  • Adding a discount to a purchase order

  • Adding a credit memo or refund to a bill

  • How to add a discount


There are two possible options to add a credit/discount to an item within Procurify. You can add a Discount to a Purchase order, and you can add a Credit to a Bill.

First Option: Adding a discount within a Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to ProcurementPurchase Orders

  2. Select the applicable Purchase Order

  3. Scroll down and click Revise PO

  4. Enter the discount into the Discount field by either % or by dollar value (the drop-down to the right)

  5. Click Save Purchase Order

Second Option: Adding a credit within a Bill

  1. Navigate to Accounts Payable → Create New Bill

    • If you have already created a bill for the item, navigate to the bill and click Fix Bill to revise it. Then skip to step 5.

  2. Add the applicable items to the Bill

  3. Click + New Item

  4. Fill in the discount regarding the credit/discount

  5. In the Unit Cost field enter a negative credit amount

  6. Click Submit

You should now see the discount reflected in the Total Cost


  • If the Purchase Order is Closed, it must be Re-opened in order to Revise & add a discount.

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