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How to Access Order Request Drafts
How to Access Order Request Drafts
Updated over a week ago


  • View Order Request draft on Procurify Web

  • Where can I locate my Order Request draft?

  • Where are the requester's order drafts?

  • Can I still go back to the Order Request I was Working on if I Close out of it?

Procurify creates and auto-saves a draft version when you create Order Request page. If you leave the page and return to creating a new Order Request, you will see the items previously added.


  1. Click the + Request button in the top bar and select Order.

  2. In the Order Request creation page, you can see the items previously added if an order has not yet been submitted.

Additional Information:

  • Items will remain in draft until the form is manually reset or until the Order Request is submitted. Any changes will be automatically saved if you navigate away from the page.

  • You can only have one draft order request open at a time.

  • For more information on how Request drafts work, see Is it Possible to Save Multiple Request Drafts?

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