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Can I change our Procurify domain URL?
Can I change our Procurify domain URL?
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Your Procurify domain URL web address is yours exclusively. This URL cannot be modified.

For customers undergoing a company name change, please connect with your Procurify Account Executive to understand the cost implications around:

  • having your existing Procurify domain(s) move to read-only access

  • purchasing and implementing an entirely new domain

There are important considerations for transitioning to a new domain you and your team must take into account:

  • By creating a new domain, you will enter into an agreement that the old domain(s) will move to read-only access for a period of time as contractually agreed upon with your Account Executive.

  • Your team understands that there is no ability to move transactional data between current domain(s) and new domain(s)

  • You agree to assign an internal resource and stakeholder team to actively participate in a new implementation for your new domain(s).

  • You agree to provide new data sets (where applicable), test the new domain, and set up PunchOut + CheckOut vendors, integrations, single sign-on, Slack, Spending Card, and Bill Pay as applicable.

There are objects that can and cannot be copied from an old domain to a new domain. The left side of the following image provides the list of items that can be copied from an old domain to a new domain. The right side provides the list of items that must be manually handled by the customer.

Additional Information:

  • If you would the ability to update your domain name, our Product Team would love to hear from you! Submitting feedback to the Product Team

  • For customers with multiple/linked domains (upper right hand corner), we can update the naming convention in the domain toggling feature. Please reach out to a Procurify representative for assistance.

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