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PunchOut webstore test mode
PunchOut webstore test mode
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What are the benefits?

  1. Enhanced Integration Testing: The feature enables suppliers to request Procurify customers to test data between their Procurify domain and the supplier's PunchOut environment. This allows for thorough integration testing during the PunchOut onboarding/setup stage. By ensuring the connection is functioning correctly, it helps identify and resolve any issues or discrepancies early on, leading to a more seamless and reliable integration between the customer's domain and the supplier's PunchOut.

  2. Improved Testing Experience: The feature addresses the issue where customers lacked access to PunchOut supplier's test domains for testing net new PunchOuts. By providing customers with the ability to test their PunchOut integration in the supplier's dedicated test environments, it enhances the testing experience. Customers can verify the compatibility and functionality of their PunchOut integration before going live, minimizing potential disruptions and increasing confidence in the integration process.

  3. Customer Empowerment: With the introduction of a customer-facing option to set up PunchOut on their own domain, this feature empowers customers to have greater control over their PunchOut settings.

What does the PunchOut webstore test mode do?

Procurify's PunchOut Webstore Test Mode checkbox empowers customers to control PunchOut testing. Enabling the checkbox allows the safe use of live domains with supplier test environments. Orders remain in supplier test environments for quality assurance, ensuring no financial transactions.

Without the toggle, orders proceed on the supplier's true website.


When PunchOut webstore test mode is enabled, the budget will still be impacted as “fake/test” POs are being created in the domain, customers will need to cancel the PO to remove it from impacting the budget.

Suppliers that currently support PunchOut webstore test mode

Millipore, Grainger, VWR, Staples CA, Staples USA, Stemcell, ULINE, Thermo, DigiKey

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