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How long does onboarding typically take?

Our average onboarding time is 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of your needs. For NetSuite customers, we recommend setting aside 8-12 weeks for implementation, depending on the number of subsidiaries you have, and how early your Consultant is looped into Procurify.


How quickly can we go live?

Together, we’ll work towards an agreed-upon go-live date that gives you enough time to truly onboard the Procurify Platform.

The onboarding process is driven by you, too, so the more engaged you are with our Implementation Team, the sooner you can get your domain up and running! We will be looking to you to actively participate in our project planning phase, provide key data points in our template files, and thoroughly test Procurify.

Which stakeholders should be involved in onboarding?

We recommend including the following people to the kickoff and project planning calls:

  • Administrator, the person who will be maintaining your Procurify domain

  • Project Lead, the person who will be helping to implement Procurify within your workplace
    Procurement Lead, the person responsible for Purchasing

  • Finance or Accounting Lead, person responsible for creating Bills

If you work with a consultant, it would be great to loop them in during the project planning and testing stages, too. This is especially important if you’re using our NetSuite integration or you require open API access.

What type of data do I need to provide during implementation?During your onboarding, we’ll ask you for various data such as your user list, GL account codes, and budgets. It’ll also be helpful to provide us with your location, department, and class lists (where applicable), and you may even wish to include a vendor and catalog listing.Anytime you are working with one of our available integrations, it will be important that your data matches exactly with your accounting system to eliminate data entry errors. To ensure accuracy, we suggest doing a CSV download from your accounting system.

How long should we spend in the testing phase? Who should test the domain?

This is completely driven by you. If you’re comfortable after a few initial tests, we can move forward with clearing out your testing transactions and preparing you for go-live. If you want to continue testing particular workflows, you can do so at your own pace!

When our Implementation Team gives you full access to your live domain, you can begin inviting users to Procurify. Hence, you test your different workflows and ensure everyone knows how to use the platform. At this stage, we also encourage you and your teams to put your Procurify Academy Training to the test!

Typically, onboarding Procurify customers will spend between 1-3 weeks in testing, depending on their bandwidth and the complexity of your unique workflows.

How can I train my users?

Procurify Academy, www.learning.procurify.com, offers training modules sorted by user type and can be accessed at any time throughout your Procurify journey.

How are items purchased through Procurify?

Your purchaser/buyer will continue to own the purchasing process and vendor relationships. Depending on your organization's processes, this may or may not involve sending a purchase order.

Our PunchOut integrations allow you to automatically place orders from within Procurify.

How configurable/customizable is Procurify?

In Procurify, you can

  • create custom fields for multiple forms

  • rename the organizational categories ("Locations" and "Departments") to match your accounting system.

  • toggle granular permissions for users

  • configure approval workflows

  • integrate with some of our common accounting platforms such as Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, and NetSuite.

What is the standard Procurify workflow?

A typical workflow starts by entering a spend request into Procurify. This request goes through a configurable approval chain that you’d have set up in your domain during onboarding.

Once approved, someone responsible for purchasing can create a purchase order and, if necessary, send it off to the vendor. Equally, your administrator can load the approved amount of money onto the requester’s spending card, enabling them to go and purchase what they need, when they need it.

Next, you wait for your order to arrive! Once delivered, you can receive your items within Procurify and upload a packing slip to the original order request. From here, you can either close your order, or you can continue to our bill creation and bill payments modules (available only to U.S. customers), where you can handle your accounts payable.

You don’t integrate with my ERP, what are my options?

Every Procurify customer has access to exportable CSV reports. We encourage you to try out our test file early on in the process to ensure there are no surprises. Alternatively, your team may wish to explore macros or API.

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