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FAQ - Accounting & Finance Teams
FAQ - Accounting & Finance Teams
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Why should I use a NetSuite sandbox for testing?
Which version of the Accounts Payable Module do I have?
What are unbilled items?
What currency will email notifications be sent in?
What is 3-way matching?
How to add a credit card bank account to Procurify
What are the different methods for connecting and Procurify?
How to set up SaasAnt for QuickBooks
Unable to open PDF file in Procurify
How to check if an Item has been Billed
Why do some Bills not have a Bill ID?
Can I reset the export record of my Bills?
Does Procurify Support EFT Payment Processing or Exports?
How do I see a report of Purchase Order items by Account Code?
Can I update the payment type on the Account Code Correction page?
Why are Bills not appearing in the Reports tab?
Purchase Order line items not appearing in Reports
How to add discounts & credits in Procurify
How to delete a draft Bill
How to update the Vendor listed on a Bill
No result found when selecting pay from within payments
Is there a limit to how many Bills can be added to a Payment?
How to Change the Cost Allocation for unbilled items or Billed items
How many file attachments can I add to a Bill?
How to archive credit card items within reconciliation
How to edit the check number attached to a payment
How to edit a Bill
Can I cancel a payment that was approved?
What do I do after I have matched the items within credit card reconciliation?
If I make a payment to a credit card, how do I add that to a Bill?
Why can't I see Bills?
Who will approve my Bill?
Can I put items from many vendors on a single Bill?
Why can't I Access the Credit Card Reconciliation?
What happens to a non-reimbursable expense if I do not select a credit card?
Will approving and processing a reimbursable Expense Request automatically add the employee as a payee?
How to attach an invoice to a submitted Bill
Can I still change the approver within a submitted Bill?
How to archive Unbilled Items
Why are expense Bills automatically approved once created?
What happens when a Bill is denied?
How to change the payment method of an expense
Is it possible to bulk delete credit card items?
How to apply multiple account codes to an unbilled item
What are miscellaneous costs added to unbilled line items?
How to change Approved items from one credit card to another
Why Can't I See a Purchase Order in the Reconciliation Process?
How to View Payments that are Pending Approval
How to remove a tax type
How to close a financial month
When I receive and unreceive items, what happens to Accounts Payable?
What happens if I withdraw a payment?
How to edit the Account Code, Department or Location of an Approved Request or received Purchase Order
How to add employee payment method details
Why do some Items within the unbilled Items section not have a Purchase Order attached?
How to change a credit card selected within an approved expense report