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FAQ: Document Storage
Updated over a week ago


  • The following article answers frequently asked questions about Document Storage in Procurify

How much document storage space do we get?

We don't limit storage space per client!

Who retains control or ownership over documents?

You can upload, download, and remove files as needed. The files are stored in Procurify's cloud storage.

What happens to documents and attachments if we leave Procurify?

While you remain a Procurify client with an active domain, we retain your data indefinitely. If you leave Procurify, we retain your data for 90 days; you have 90 days to download or export your data if needed.

How can I mass-download attachments for audits?

We support customers with downloading all attachments on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to a Procurify representative for more information.

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