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Where can I find delivery information about my order?
Where can I find delivery information about my order?
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  • A P.O. has already been issued for my requested items. How long will it take before I receive them?

  • Can I get a tracking number for my approved order?

  • Where is the tracking information for Orders?

  • Does Procurify offer to track information for Purchase Orders or PO's?


Procurify does not have the ability to provide Tracking details or numbers related to Purchase Orders being fulfilled by vendors.

For this information, you will need to directly reach out to the vendor the item was purchased from and inquire if they can provide a tracking number or any other order information. If your purchasing team handles these types of inquiries, you may need to coordinate with them to get the details from the Vendor regarding your order.

Additional Information:

  • For tracking information related to Amazon Punchout Orders, check the Amazon Punchout portal, or check in with Amazon Punchout Support for assistance with these orders.

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