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FAQ - Importing & Exporting Data
How to import and export data without Windows Excel
How to import and export data without Windows Excel
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The following are just two ways in which you can perform Imports without the use of Excel. The first is using Google Sheets and the second is Windows Notepad/Text Editor.

  • IMPORTANT: Before you start you will first need to download the template CSV File in which you are going to be using to perform the Import. See the following article for Importing Data into Procurify. Once you have the CSV File downloaded, move on to the next part.

  • Please see How to Export Data from Procurify to obtain the templates or data needed for the import

Using Google Sheets

Using Notepad

  • NOTE: If you are going to be importing a lot of data this is NOT the best way to do so, each line must be typed out manually and you must remember to add a comma to separate the columns. Using Excel, Google Sheets or similar is the easiest and most convenient way.

  1. Locate the CSV File on your computer and right-click on it.

  2. In the menu that appears scroll through to find Open with → Notepad.


NOTE: If you do not see Notepad within the Open with section, select Choose another app and locate Notepad.

  1. Notepad will open and list the headers of the CSV Template and each column will be separated with a comma as follows. * The image shows is of the Account Code Import.csv file*

  2. From here each line is a row and you would enter the data as follows: 1234, Meals, Expense.

  3. The above notes the Account Code as 1234, the Account Description as Meals, the Type as Expense and then the remainder of the fields are blank.

Additional Information:

  • Each Import has its own set of requirements so be sure to check and follow said requirements otherwise the Import may error out.

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