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Is it possible to save multiple request drafts?
Is it possible to save multiple request drafts?
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  • How many Request drafts can be saved?

  • What types of Requests can be made into drafts?

  • How do I save a draft Request?


The following answers pertain to only requests on the web app. To learn about saving drafts on mobile, review the article: Do Expense Drafts Created on Mobile Save to the Web as well?

Order Requests and Expense Requests both allow a single draft per logged-in user. Choosing to create a new Request will either start a brand-new Request or it will re-open an existing draft if one does exist.

Order Request:

The order request form will auto-save the information added to the Request - any changes are saved to the users' current running draft until it is submitted.

Expense Request:

For expense requests, a user must click Save Draft at the bottom of the expense requests to save changes if the Request is not yet ready to be submitted for approval.

Travel Request:

A travel request must be submitted to be saved and will not automatically save as a draft. However, once submitted, it can be reopened and modified by clicking Edit inside the submitted travel request. As such, multiple travel requests can be submitted and then re-opened/edited before being approved.

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