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What Spending Card Notifications are available?
What Spending Card Notifications are available?
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  • what will I get notified of spending card updates


Spending Card notifications include the following.

Card notifications:

  • new card issued

  • new card transaction

  • virtual card approved

  • card canceled

Fund Notifications:

  • fund request approved (for yourself or made on behalf of someone else)

  • fund request denied

  • fund closed by administrator

  • reminder to approve a request for fund

Transaction Notifications

  • new refunds (and refunds with no linked funds)

  • card transaction declined*

Admin Notifications

  • reminders for account onboarding

  • reminders for bank micro deposit verification

  • onboarding success

  • low account balance alerts*

*Asterisks indicate that the notification can be configured in your notification settings.

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