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Can an approved expense be deleted?
Can an approved expense be deleted?
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  • There's a duplicate approved Expense Report, how can I delete it?

  • There's a mistake with approving an Expense Request, where can I delete it?

  • An Expense was accidentally approved

  • Deleting an Approved Expense


If an Expense is approved in error or approved and not needed, you can follow the steps below to unlink it from the budget & archive it not to be used again. These steps will help you delete an approved expense request

  1. Create a new expense request; for the total cost, add a negative value & in the comments, add the original approved expense number (exp: if the approved was for $123.00, the new expense should be -123.00 in value)

  2. Submit your negative valued expense for approval

  3. Any user who has access to the Accounts Payable tab can now go into Unbilled Expenses

  4. Click the


    button beside the expense items for the original and the adjustment items

  5. Select Archive.

Additional Information:

  • Use the Comments to "link" the expenses, add the number of the original expense to the negative valued expense and vice versa

  • Your budget should now be balanced and the original expense along with the negative valued expense should be archived.

  • Remember to Archive BOTH expenses once the steps are completed

  • If the expense request used a credit card, you can archive it by following the steps in How to Archive Credit Card Items in Reconciliation.

  • Users must have Credit Card Reconciliation permission under "Accounts Payable" to archive items within Credit Card Reconciliation.

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