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How to Adjust Received Amounts within a Purchase Order
How to Adjust Received Amounts within a Purchase Order
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  • Unreceive, edit or remove receive log Item(s) on a Purchase Order

  • Adjust or update the number of items that have been marked as received

  • Unreceive items that were accidentally or incorrectly auto-received


  1. Select the Receive tab from the left-hand navigational menu

  2. Locate and select the Purchase Order you would like to adjust

  3. Click the


    button beside the line item(s) and then select Receive Logs

  4. This should open a new window with the Receive Log details

  5. Select the


    button beside the log you would like to adjust

  6. Select the option to either Edit Log Item or Remove Log item

  7. If you chose to Edit Log Item, make the changes and then select the Save Changes button
    (You are not able to receive more than what was requested within the Purchase Order. If more was received you can either adjust the PO to reflect the higher number or speak with the Vendor to resolve the error)
    If you chose to Remove Log Item, confirm this by selecting the Remove Item button


  • If you're already looking at the Purchase Order, it is possible to access the receiving page by selecting the View Receive PO Details button above the PO Items.

  • Only users with access to Receive → Receive Purchase Orders will be able to perform the following steps. If you don't have the above permission within your role, please reach out to your Procurify account administrators.

  • If you do not see the option to edit the Receive Logs, or you see the error message Order item: Specified PO is not open for receiving, it is because the Purchase Order is closed. This happens automatically if all items have been marked as received. The Purchase Order will need to be reopened before the logs can be adjusted. For steps on this, see How to Reopen a Closed Purchase Order.

  • If the items are being unreceived to make quick adjustments to the Purchase Order, remember to navigate back to the receiving page to re-receive these items.

  • For more information on how this affects the Accounts Payable section within Procurify, see What Effect does Receiving and Unreceiving Items have within Accounts Payable?

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