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How to set up SaasAnt for QuickBooks
How to set up SaasAnt for QuickBooks
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  • Using SaasAnt for the first time

  • Setting up SaasAnt

The following article outlines how to set up and use SaasAnt to import Bills from Procurify to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. With this setup, you can export Approved Bills from Procurify and upload the CSV file to SaasAnt. If this is the first time using SaasAnt and Procurify, build the map and use a single test Bill to ensure the fields are mapped correctly. Once set up, you can select the saved mapping and import it to QuickBooks.


  1. Sign in to both QuickBooks & SaasAnt. You can log in to SaaSant via Intuit, which will be easy to connect the two programs.

  2. Select New Import.

  3. Select CSV File to Download.

  4. Select Quickbooks Entity.

  5. Go through the mapping and match the fields. Click here to view the mapping fields.

  6. Select Import to QuickBooks and ensure the date format is correct.

  7. Find the bill in QuickBooks Online (via the Vendor Center) to ensure all fields have been mapped correctly

  8. Delete the test bill in QuickBooks.

Additional Information:

  • Our QuickBooks Online direct integration can work alongside SaasAnt.

  • For credit card reconciliation, select the Credit Card issuer for the Vendor to be paid in QuickBooks.

  • If you’re updating class or adding fields in QuickBooks, ensure you also update them in Procurify to ensure that the data flows without errors

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