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FAQ - Request
FAQ - Request

Request what you need with Procurify

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What are the three types of order items?
Can an order request be backdated?
How to create, save and delete filters
How to include shipping cost on a Order Request
What is a Procurify domain?
How to duplicate an Order Request or Expense Request
Error Message: Looks like the order item below have Account Codes that do not exist in their chosen Department
Error Message: Sum of Cost Allocations does not match total
Is it possible to add attachments to a Request For Expense, once it's approved?
How to edit an Order Request Item on Mobile
How to Fill Out a Request for Order using a URL link.
How to Create a PDF Formatted Version of an Expense Request
Can I Download my Order Request as a PDF Formatted Document?
Can a denied order request be reopened?
Can Purchase Orders be Closed in Bulk?
How to attach files to a Order Request
How to link a Travel Request to an Expense Request
Is there a limit to how many items can be added within an Order or Expense Request?
Can I link a Travel Request to an Order Request?
How to send a Request reminder to an Approver
How to change Vendors within a pending Order Request
How to cancel an Order, Travel or Expense request I've submitted for approval
Can I submit an expense reimbursement on behalf of another user?
How to download the Procurify App on your mobile device
How to view an expense draft on mobile
How to Access Order Request Drafts
How to Save and Access draft of an Expense Report
Is it possible to save multiple request drafts?
Can I Duplicate an Order and make it as Expense Request?
How to Edit the Items Within a Pending Request for Order
Can I Add an Additional Item to a Request I have Already Submitted?
How to view Purchase Orders numbers as a Requester