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What happens if I set Approval Group to Any Department?
What happens if I set Approval Group to Any Department?
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  • The following article discusses the impact and benefits of setting an approval routing to ANY.


When an approval group is set to the department Any, any orders made (regardless of the department selected) will trigger that group.
For example:

  • An approver is in an approval group assigned to a single department, and is also in another approval group assigned to Any (i.e., all) departments.

  • Whenever a request is submitted to the Marketing department, the approver will need to approve the request twice. Therefore, causing the approver to approve the same request twice.

Why would an approval routing need to be set to Any?

There are instances when users within an organization may want to approve a request twice for auditing purposes or if there is only one approval group within the organization. The best practice is to refrain from setting Departments to Any, unless the organization maintains strictly segregated approval groups, or if an approver must approve orders twice.

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