FAQ: Bill.com
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Will new Vendors or Account Codes in Procurify sync and create new entries in Bill.com?

New Vendor and Account Codes nonexistent in Bill.com will cause an error so there has to be an exact alignment

What if there is no invoice number on the Procurify Bill?

Bill.com will display an error message informing that the invoice # required field is missing

What if the Bill has been split allocated in Procurify?

Make sure the mapping is with Procurify’s ‘allocated cost’ field to bill line item amount as opposed to using Procurify’s ‘line cost’ which will recognize the total Bill amount for each line

How are sub-Account Codes mapped?

Both parent and sub-Account Codes can be mapped over automatically

Why can’t I map my fields to classes in Bill.com?

Bill.com doesn’t currently support classes for QuickBooks Desktop and Xero

Why is there an error with account code when I map to Bill line item account number?

The trick here is to map it to the account name if you only have one account code column in CSV. If you want to map to the account number, it is also required that you map over another field to the account name

What if I re-import the same Bill (same invoice number)?

The newly imported Bill will override/update the information of the previously imported Bill

Do invoice attachments sync to Bill.com?

Please note that the physical copy of the invoice added in the Procurify Accounts Payable module (Create a Bill) will not move over to Bill.com.

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