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How to remove items from a Purchase Order
How to remove items from a Purchase Order
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  • Delete line items from an open Purchase Order.

  • Remove certain items from a created PO in order to place them on a new Purchase Order.

  • Move an Order Item back to the Procurement List.


  1. Navigate to Procureโ†’ Purchase Orders from the left-hand navigational menu.

  2. Locate and select the Purchase Order you need to remove item(s) from.

  3. Scroll down, and select the Revise P.O. button on the right-hand side.

  4. Within the editing page, select the


    button beside the line item you would like to remove and send it back to the Procurement List.

  5. Select Remove.

  6. To save these changes, select the Save Purchase Order button at the bottom of the page.

    After the changes are saved the items will be available within the Procurement List under Procure โ†’ Procurement and can be added to new Purchase Orders being created. Alternatively, they can also be added to already existing Purchase Orders by revising other POs and choosing the option to Add Item from Pending Order Items List. For steps on this see How to Add New Items to a Purchase Order that has Already Been Created.

Additional Information:

  • Only users with the assigned Permission to Create & View Purchase Orders will be able to perform the following steps.

  • If the Procurement Access feature is enabled within the domain, only users added to the specific Location and Department can make changes to the POs for those Locations/Departments. Access can be adjusted within each user's Roles & Permissions tab.

  • The steps listed are only applicable if the PO is still open.

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