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How to check the receive status of sent Purchase Order emails
How to check the receive status of sent Purchase Order emails
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The following article outlines how to view a Purchase Order (PO) email status. There are two methods to check the received status of a PO email.

Method 1:

If the email fails to send, the sender will receive an email notification. The Email Status on the PO list page identifies the email as Failed to send, Sent on, or Open on. The image below includes examples.


Method 2:

To access your email logs, select the


arrow beside the Email Purchase Order button within the upper right-hand corner of the Purchase Order.


From here, you can see an overview of the emails sent containing this Purchase Order. This will only track emails that have been sent through Procurify. In addition to sender, date, recipient, and subject, you will also have access to a label that will state the current status of the email sent. Hovering over the label will provide additional information regarding the status.




The "Sending" label means that the email is still on its way to the recipient, and we can not yet confirm that it has been received.


Sent means that we can confirm that the recipient's email server has received the email. Remember that this does not mean the email is accessible within the recipient's inbox. If the recipient cannot locate the email within their inbox or spam folder, there is a possibility that their email server has an additional filter that has blocked the email from being delivered successfully. If this is the case, the recipient must contact their IT Coordinator to ensure emails they receive from Procurify will not be flagged in the future.


Opened means that we have been notified that the recipient has opened the email that had been sent. This of course also assures you that the email was received properly on their end.


Failed indicates that we could not deliver the email to the address that had been provided. This occurs most often when the email address is outdated or incorrectly entered.


The Unknown status means that, for several possible reasons, the system did not receive a confirmation that the recipient had successfully received it. However, that does not necessarily mean it was not received. In these cases, we suggest contacting the Vendor directly to confirm that it's been received.

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