How to archive Unbilled Items
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  • Delete items that were manually added as unbilled

  • Remove item from the billing cycle

  • How to delete unbilled order items

  • Can I archive unbilled order items?

The following article outlines how to archive Unbilled Order items. Please note, Purchase Orders with archived items cannot be marked as paid. Additionally, it is not possible to delete Order Items for audit purposes. It is only possible to archive them.


  1. Go to Accounts Payable β†’ Unbilled Items

  2. Search for the item you want to archive.

  3. Select


    button on the right-hand side of the item.

  4. Select Archive.

Additional Information:

  • Only users with permissions to Accounts Payable can perform the steps listed.

  • Archived items are visible under the Archived tab under Accounts Payable β†’ Unbilled Items (Purchase Order).

  • Archived items are no longer available when creating a Bill or in the accrual reports section.

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