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How do I reject an item for Procurement?
How do I reject an item for Procurement?
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  • rejected orders still approved

  • Why are my rejected items still listed as approved

  • When a Purchaser rejects an item from the Procurement list, where can they view the rejected items?

  • What happens to rejected items?


  1. Navigate to Procure β†’ Procurement

  2. Use the checkboxes next to items to select applicable items.

  3. Click Reject Items

  4. (Optional) Provide a reason for rejection to inform the requester why the item is being rejected

  5. Confirm the action by clicking Reject Items

When items are rejected, the will no longer be available for Procurement. If the same item should need to be procured, a new request must to be submitted.

The original order request will show under the Rejected Requests tab. The audit log will show the full trail with the update: Purchase Pending β†’ Rejected. The request/item will no longer impact any budgets.


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