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How to change the Vendor on an Approved Order
How to change the Vendor on an Approved Order
Updated over a week ago


  • Change/update vendor after the order has been approved

You must be a Purchaser or have custom access to Procure to complete the following steps:


  1. Navigate to Procure Procurement

  2. Select the applicable order request items using the checkboxes to be ordered from the alternate vendor

  3. Click Add to list

  4. In the Purchasing List on the right, use the Purchasing From drop-down to change the vendor, or use Add Vendor to add a new vendor to your vendor list.

  5. Click Create Purchase Order.

Additional Information:

  • The steps provided only apply to orders that have been fully approved. For orders pending approval, please see How to change Vendors on a pending Order Request

  • The Request Order will continue to display the originally selected vendor. However, the PO will reflect the chosen Vendor. This is to show the accurate request and order information at each requisition stage.

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