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How to Request an order with Zageno
How to Request an order with Zageno
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What is Zageno

To learn more about Zageno PunchOut, please view Zageno Overview


Note - only one PunchOut Supplier can be added to a Request For Order at a time.

  1. Using the Request for Order form, a requester will select the Supplier Portal button.

    • With the ZagenoPunchOut set up, and appropriate access is given to the requester, the Zageno PunchOut option will appear under the PunchOut Suppliers table.

  2. Select a shipping address.

  3. Click the Proceed button in the Zageno row.

  4. Add items to the Zageno online cart as normal. When finished, navigate to the cart and click the Submit for approval button.

    • Order item details will be automatically brought back to Procurify.

  5. Choose an account code for each order item, or apply in bulk.

  6. Submit the request for approval.

Additional Information:

  • If you do not have access to the Zageno PunchOut Supplier Portal button please reach out to your internal system administrator to request for access.

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