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Can I undo an approval?
Can I undo an approval?
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  • I made a mistake approving a Request, how can I reject it?

  • Can I undo the approval of a Request?

  • How to unapprove a request


Once you approve a Request, you can not change the status to denied or pending.

If the request is:

  • pending further approval, the next Approver(s) can choose to deny the Request.

  • completely approved and is waiting purchasing, the Purchaser(s) can reject the items.

We recommend using the communication system to inform the next approver/purchaser(s) that the request should not proceed.


  1. Locate the request to be retracted. This can be found in the Approve Module under Approved requests.

  2. Click on the message icon in the top right

    to open the messages for this order.

  3. Use the @ tag to ensure the right users are notified about the change to be made.

If necessary, contact the original requester to re-submit the order with applicable changes.

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