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FAQ - Purchasing and Receiving
FAQ - Purchasing and Receiving

Purchasing and Receiving with Procurify

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How to filter Purchase Order items by custom Request for Order field
How to Revise a Purchase Order
Can I reopen a canceled Purchase Order?
How to check the receive status of sent Purchase Order emails
Can I merge Purchase Orders?
Can I create a Purchase Order using the mobile app?
How to Remove Items within your Purchasing Cart
How to remove items from a Purchase Order
Can I duplicate Purchase Orders?
Why am I unable to edit the cost or quantity of a Purchase Order item?
How to include a Request for Order item comment on a Purchase Order
How to set a vendor as preferred or non-preferred
How to search for Purchase Orders by Vendor
How to auto-receive items
What happens with the requested order items when I cancel a Purchase Order?
Can I resubmit a canceled Purchase Order?
How to Generate PDF File from a Purchase Order
Why can't I increase the item price within a Purchase Order?
Is it possible to edit the Requester comment within a Purchase Order?
How to add comments for vendors within a Purchase Order
Why can't I see an Approved Order Request item on my Procure tab?
Why do I see a lock icon when procuring Items?
How to reopen a closed Purchase Order
How to add items to an existing Purchase Order
What Does PF Stand For on the Procurify Purchase Orders page?
How to send Purchase Orders to vendors 
Where can I find delivery information about my order?
Do custom field edits show up within the Purchase Order audit logs?
Can a canceled external Purchase Order number be reused?
How to Adjust Received Amounts within a Purchase Order
Why am I unable to select a specific Vendor when adding an item to an Order?
Can I delete vendors in bulk?
Why can't I see the Procure tab on Mobile
What are the default Bill To and Ship To values of a Purchase Order?
How to disable custom PO number sequencing
What do the discount symbols on the Purchase Order mean?
How can I see the Purchase Order number of an item I ordered?
How to change the Bill address of a Purchase Order
Can I remove Other as a Vendor option?
How do I add an item to an existing Purchase Order
Order item: Specified PO is not open for receiving
Why can't I add paragraphs or spacing to my Purchase Order Disclaimer/Labels?
Why am I receiving email notifications that an approved item is ready for purchase?
Can I export the Purchase Order history or changelog?
Purchase Orders originating in Procurify are created in NetSuite with a different naming scheme/number
How do I reject an item for Procurement?
How to update the price on a closed Purchase Order item
What do the Icons mean in the procurement page and purchase orders?
How do I include Vendor information such as a identification number in a Purchase Order PDF?
How to edit an Approved Request for Order
Is there a way to change the senders email when emailing Purchase Orders (PO) to vendors?
Understanding Expense Vendor Mapping Logic
How to create Custom Fields for Purchase Orders
Can I delete duplicate Vendor names?
How to Hide Purchase Order or Order Item Custom Fields within the Purchase Order PDF
Is it Possible to Change the Purchase Order Numbering?
Why can't I change the currency of the items on a Purchase Order?
Can I delete a cancelled Purchase Order?
How to create Purchase Order payment terms
Can I Add an E-Signature within a Purchase Order?
Is there a limit to how many items can be added to a Purchase Order?
How to delete approved Order Requests