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How to edit the Account Code, Department or Location of an Approved Request or received Purchase Order
How to edit the Account Code, Department or Location of an Approved Request or received Purchase Order
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  • How to edit an account code of a received PO

  • How to edit a department of an approved Request

  • How to edit a Location of an approved Request

  • changing department/location and account code on an approved order or expense

  • updating the account code, location, or department of an approved expense

  • account code correction

  • Trying to change an account code at the procurement stage before creating the PO

Due to customization, your interface text may differ. In this article, we are using the default labels Location and Department. Learn more here.


1. Select Settings on the left-hand navigation bar

2. Select Account Code Correction under the Finance settings.

3. Locate the intended item you wish to edit

4. The Account Code field is editable and listed in the column. Select the arrow beside the account code and update.


5. To edit the Location or Department Locate, select the editing button


to the right of the item.

6. Make the appropriate changes within the drop-down options shown:


7. Select the blue Save Changes button.

Additional Information:

  • Only a user with access to Settings & Finance will be able to complete the steps listed.

  • Once the account code correction (location/dept/ account code) is updated and saved on the Account Code Correction Settings page, the changes are reflected on the original order request.

  • Please note that the item must be approved in order to change the Location or Department after the request is submitted. You must either approve the order and follow the steps, or cancel the order and have it resubmitted under the appropriate Location and Department.

  • An order (RFO) will no longer appear in Account Code Correction page if the PO created for it has already been billed.

  • Account Codes can be corrected up until a Bill is created against the PO.

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