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Peer Review Approval - Assigning a Request to another Approver
Peer Review Approval - Assigning a Request to another Approver
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  • Peer review approval toggle

  • assigning a request to anyone at the same level

  • What is Approval Peer Review?

What is peer review Approval?

Peer-review Approval is a feature that allows an Approver to assign their own request to an Approver at the same level before it moves to the next approval level. This is only possible if there is more than one Approver assigned to that same level. An Approver user can choose to push the request to the next Approver level above as well.

This is an option for users that would like to have other approvers review the request before it is then passed onto upper management for approval. If you are at a top of the Approval chain, you cannot assign the request to the Approvers below.

Peer Review Approval does not remove the ability to self-approve. The approver will still have the option to self-approve their own request.

Additional Information:

  • If you would like to turn on this feature in your account, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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