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How to cancel a Spending card
How to cancel a Spending card
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  • Deactivating a spending Card

  • Card Management

The following article outlines how to cancel the spending card.

Important: Cancelled spending cards cannot be reopened.


Cancelling virtual spending cards as a cardholder

  1. Navigate to Spending Card β†’ Virtual Cards

  2. Select the card to be cancelled.

  3. Click on the options button

    next to the card name.

  4. Select the menu button on the right-hand side and the Cancel card button.

  5. Confirm that you wish to cancel the card.

Note: Physical Cards must be cancelled by your spending card administrator.

Cancelling spending cards for other users as an administrator

  1. Navigate to Spending Card β†’ Manage Cards.

  2. Select a card from the Active list.

  3. Click the options button

    and select Cancel card.

Additional Information:

  • For virtual spending cards, cancelling and closing are synonymous.

  • Remaining balances on funds will be transferred back to the organizational spending card pool.

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