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What are the three types of order items?
What are the three types of order items?
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The following article outlines three order item types: One-time orders, recurring orders and blanket orders.

One-Time Order

A one-time order item type is a non-recurring purchase order for a specific quantity of items at a set price, with a defined delivery date. It's typically used for standalone purchases that don't form part of a regular requirement. Once the items are delivered and paid for, the transaction is complete. Learn more about submitting a one-time order

Recurring Order

Recurring order allows you to track recurring spend like software subscriptions and services on a monthly or annual basis. For recurring orders, the set amount spent on a monthly or annual basis is fixed. Learn how to submit a recurring order.

Blanket Order

Blanket purchase orders allow you to procure goods or services multiple times over a set period of time. You can specify a total quantity/cost, unit price, and other relevant terms and conditions for the ongoing/repeated purchase. It allows you to draw against a single purchase as goods or services are delivered and billed. Learn how to submit Blanket Orders.

Examples of services for Blanket Orders:

  • contractors (consultants, laborers, etc.)

  • recurring but variable services (landscapers, cleaners, security, etc.)

  • advertising

  • software where the price/usage might be variable

  • server fees

Physical goods where you won't know the exact quantity needed:

  • construction materials

  • production materials

Additional Information:

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