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Why should I use a NetSuite sandbox for testing?
Why should I use a NetSuite sandbox for testing?
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Using a NetSuite sandbox for testing is our recommended implementation best practice.

During your Procurify implementation process, we will provide you with a Procurify sandbox environment; this allows us to focus on ensuring that

  • data is accurately captured in Procurify

  • the correct workflow has been established, and

  • mapping is accurate between systems.

A Procurify sandbox allows your team to test the workflow and share feedback with your Procurify implementation team.

If you do not utilize a NetSuite sandbox, your organization runs the following risks:

  • syncing test transactions from the Procurify sandbox to the NetSuite production environment, triggering unintended actions by various teams (i.e., approval triggers alerting the finance teams to pay vendor invoices or alerting purchasers to process POs)

  • test data impacting budgets, reporting, or inventory established in NetSuite

  • manual administration effort to delete data created during the Procurify testing period before going live.

Procurify does not assume responsibility for clean-up efforts required to eliminate test transactions from NetSuite reporting, other connected integrations, or SuiteApps.

If your NetSuite instance contains a script or SuiteApp conflicting with the Procurify integration, discovery and troubleshooting efforts from our Support team will be limited. Sandboxes are risk-free environments that allow our teams to assist you with troubleshooting and resolution quickly.

In summary, Procurify recommends working in a NetSuite sandbox environment during Procurify implementation or reconfigurations to preserve the setup and integrity of your NetSuite production environment.

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