How to submit an order request
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  • Creating a Request

  • Making a new Order Request

  • How to submit an Order

In this article, we refer to “Location” and “Department”. Your domain may have different labels due to custom organizational categories. Learn more here.


  1. Select the Request tab within the left sidebar, and select Order.

  2. Select the + Request order button.

  3. Within the new page, fill in the appropriate fields, including Date Required.

  4. Add item(s) to the request by using the following options.

    • Add a new item by clicking + Add New Item

    • Import multiple items into the request via a CSV by clicking Import order items. How to Import Order Items into a Request for Order.

    • Add item(s) via using PunchOut and Checkout Suppliers by clicking Supplier portal.

    • Select items from the Product Catalog by clicking Add from catalog.

    • Add previously request item by clicking Item history.

  5. Ensure the appropriate Approver is selected.

  6. Click Submit request

Success! You've created your very own order request.

Additional Information:

  • If the Request tab is not visible within the sidebar, please reach out to your organization's Procurify administrator.

  • Procurify supports up to 50-75 line items per order request.

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