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How to create a blanket purchase order request
Updated over a week ago

Procurify’s blanket purchase orders allow you to procure goods or services multiple times over a set period of time.


  1. In the top-right of the screen, select RequestOrder

  2. Select + Add new item

  3. Enter the details such as Product Name, Account Code, and Vendor. Select the Blanket button. Select either Amount or Quantity option and enter the details. If the quantity is unknown, but the dollar cost per unit is known, select the Quantity option. If the amount is unknown, select the amount field.

  4. Click Add Order item button to add the blanket item to the Order Request.

  5. The blanket order item information is available under the item on the order request. This will differentiate a blanket order item vs. a regular order item.

  6. Click Submit request to send the request to your approver.

The Blanket order request has been submitted!

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