How to create a quote request
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  • The following article outlines a workaround for submitting a quote request in Procurify.

While Procurify is not designed to create a quote request, this article outlines a workaround for generating a quote request.

Before you begin creating a quote request

  1. Create a new vendor named "All Vendors" so your request will not display a specific vendor name. Click here for instructions on how to create a new vendor in Procurify.

  2. Create a new Account Code for tracking Quotes so that the purchase will not fall under any account codes that track Purchase Orders. This Account Code could be titled Quotes. Click here for instructions on how to create a new Account Code.

Create a Custom Purchase Order Label for quotes

  1. Navigate to SettingsCustomize Purchase Order Form.

  2. Select the PO PDF Labels tab and click + PDF Label.

  3. Name the new Label "Quote Request" and click Create. Modify labels as applicable.

    • For example, rename the label Purchase Order to Quote Request.

Create an RFQ

  1. Create an order request with all Line Items set to 0.00 price.

  2. Approve the order so that it can be sent to the purchasing module.

  3. Create a Purchase order using the custom PO Labels.

  4. Once the price has been quoted, we suggest you Cancel/Close the PO. There is no way to modify the Vendor on the PO, so a new order request must be created with the quoted price.

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