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How to Request an order with Amazon PunchOut
How to Request an order with Amazon PunchOut
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  • How to request items with Amazon

  • Requesting a Request for Order with PunchOut

  • How to request an order request with Amazon

  • How to create an order with Amazon

Requesting an order with Amazon PunchOut is as simple as Submitting an Order Request.

Non-Amazon PunchOut items can still be submitted on the same request, but they will not be automatically purchased and shipped. These items will still need to go through the normal Procurement stages.


  1. Click the + New Request button at the top and select Order.

  2. Fill in the order details as applicable.

  3. Click the Supplier Portal button.

  4. Use the PunchOut Items will ship drop-down to select the shipping location.

  5. Select the PROCEED button to access the Amazon Business PunchOut portal.

    • If you've set up Amazon Business Groups, select the group from the pop-up window before moving on to Amazon.

    • Important: Do not close the Procurify window.

  6. Browse Amazon and add items to your cart.

  7. Navigate to your shopping cart and select the Submit These Items for Approval button. You'll be automatically returned to Procurify.

  8. Select the account codes and quantity for your items. Fill in any additional fields as they appear.

  9. Click Add to Request when you've finished your changes.

  10. Click Submit.

When your Amazon PunchOut items are approved, they will be purchased from Amazon, and a Purchase Order will be created.

For Approvers, click here to learn how to Approve an Order Submitted With Amazon PunchOut.

Additional information:

  • The shipping address must be selected in Procurify, not Amazon.

  • PunchOut cannot be used to purchase digital downloads, digital softwares, digital gift cards, Subscribe and Save orders, bulk orders, or items restricted by your organization.

  • For more info on the Amazon Integration, click here.

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