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Bill payments are finally available for Procurify US customers. Learn more. The following article outlines how to set up Procurify with For the export to work, the following fields need to match the same in both Procurify and Vendors, Account Codes, Location/Departments, Classes and Job/Customer. Please note that the physical copy of the invoice added in the Procurify Accounts Payable module (Create a Bill) will not move over to


  1. Select Settings on the left-hand navigation bar in Procurify and select Export Data

  2. Select Prepare CSV next to Bills

  3. Select Approved from the dropdown field Bill Status

  4. Select Export CSV (download through app or email)

  5. Login into your account

  6. Select the settings gear icon on the top right-hand side of the screen

  7. Select import/ → upload bill export file → use default system profile (modify if the Bill was exported through default format in Procurify) → and click upload

    • When going through the mapping process, follow the field alignments below. Save mapping once confirmed.

  8. Once uploaded, it will show you a bill preview → select import. Allow the import to load and failed or success will appear on the screen

      • If failed, click view → download error report and fix the errors

  9. To check Bills, go to Payables → select Bills

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