Understanding QuickBooks Online Bill field mapping
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When a bill is synced to QuickBooks Online, the following Procurify’s bill fields are mapped to QuickBooks Online:

  • Vendor

  • Invoice Date

  • Due Date

  • Invoice Number

  • Bill Items

  • Account Code

  • Item Name

  • Allocated Costs

  • Memo

  • Attachments (less than 25MB)


Any notes added during the Create a Bill stage under the "Notes" field will pass to the Quickbooks Online field called "Memo."


The following images display fields that sync from Procurify to QuickBooks.

Procurify's Bill Page Field Mapping


QuickBooks Online Bill Page Field Mapping

Configurable fields


While some fields are locked and mapped by default, we provide you with the flexibility to configure the mapping for the following fields:

  • Location

  • Class

  • Customer / Project

These fields are optional features in QuickBooks Online. They are not displayed in QuickBooks Online by default. To show the data you push to the following QuickBooks Online fields, you need to enable them in your QuickBooks Online Platform manually.

Note: QuickBooks Online allows you to rename these optional fields. The rename does not reflect on Procurify.

Following is an example of how it works.

Procurify's QuickBooks Online Setup Page


QuickBooks Online Bill Page Field Mapping


To sync a Class in QuickBooks Online simply sync using matching values.

To sync to a Subclass in QuickBooks Online, enter the Class associated with that SubClass in Procurify for the field to map properly. To map to a Subclass in QuickBooks Online, the following format must be entered in Procurify Class:Subclass.

For example:

  • Sales:Outside Sales

  • Sales:Inside Sales

  • Sales:Marketing

Additional Information:

  • Currently, QuickBooks Online does not allow Procurify to sync information to any custom fields within your QuickBooks Online instance.

  • QBO does not surface "Tags" feature in their API so Procurify unable to map to these fields currently.

  • Accounts Numbers in your QuickBooks Online account must be set to "visible". These link to Account Codes in Procurify and must be a unique alpha-numerical value.

  • For more information on the QuickBooks Online integration, click here.

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