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QuickBooks Online Integration Overview & FAQ
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Procurify offers a direct integration with all tiers of QuickBooks Online. Connect to your QuickBooks Online account to sync Vendors, Account Codes, and bills from Procurify to save time and reduce data entry. This requires an active QuickBooks Online subscription.

Why Sync Bills to QuickBooks Online?

  • Verify Invoices with confidence.

  • Incorporate Procurify's Bill approval routing

  • Connect and manage with no integration expertise needed

  • Save hours of data entry time

  • Make month-end less stressful

Setting up and Syncing Bills to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Integration Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

How many company files can I connect a Procurify domain to?

Only one company file at a time. However, you can disconnect from an existing company file and connect to another one.

Important: if there is previously synced data, connecting to another company file and syncing new data may cause issues.

Will edits on bills be exported?


Can we change the field mapping?

No, default field mappings cannot be modified. Custom field mapping can be updated.

Do split cost allocations sync?

Yes, each cost allocation syncs over as a line in the bill, so if there are 3 split allocations, they will be pushed over as three lines in the bill in QuickBooks Online.

Why are bill lines in Procurify pushed over as Items or Category (Expense) lines?

They are pushed over as Category lines due to Items in QuickBooks Online requiring an entry in their Items list, which we do not manage in this integration. The expense line amount should be sufficient to process and pay the bill.

Are credit cards or expenses synced?

No, only Bills created from Purchase Orders are synced, so credit card and expense bills are excluded. This includes Amazon PunchOut: If you wish to sync Amazon PunchOut orders to QuickBooks Online, you must set up a Net payment terms/invoice option for Amazon Business.

Will vendors be automatically created in Procurify?

Yes, with our Master Data Sync, new vendors will be automatically created in Procurify when they are created in QuickBooks and updated hourly. For setup instructions, see How to Connect Procurify to QuickBooks Online.

Is this an automatic sync?

No, the Bill sync is user-controlled and selected as real-time batch sync.

Does the integration support QuickBooks Online and integration?

Yes, you can integrate Procurify, QuickBooks Online, and, but you must have the QuickBooks Online Advanced tier.

If Account Codes are updated in QuickBooks Online, will they be automatically updated in Procurify?

Yes, with our Master Data Sync, the Chart of Accounts will be automatically updated in Procurify when updated in QuickBooks. For setup instructions, see How to connect Procurify to QuickBooks Online.

Does QuickBooks inventory sync to Procurify?

No, not at the current time.

How can I pay my vendor through QuickBooks Online?

Please learn about this process by accessing the QuickBooks Online Help Center.

Which attachments will be synced over from Procurify to Quickbooks Online?

Attachments added at the Create Bill stage, such as uploaded invoices, will be synced. These must have one of the following file types/formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, DOC, XLSX, CSV, TIFF, GIF, and XML.
Attachments added during order requests, purchase orders, or receiving stages will not be synced.

What is the character limit for the Invoice Number field in Procurify?

A maximum of 20 characters is supported, including the use of spaces.

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