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  • Mapping to Procurify

The following article provides a list of basic fields that are typically mapped from Procurify to Some fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Test out different options of mapping before you save as a template for future use. The information is meant to supplement the article: How to Connect Procurify to

Procurify –

  • Invoice Number – Invoice #

  • Invoice Date – Invoice Date

  • Invoice Due Date – Due Date

  • Vendor – Vendor Name

  • Item – Bill Line Item Description

  • Location – Bill Line Item Location Name

  • Department – Bill Line Item Department Name (QuickBooks Online and Desktop)

  • Department – Bill Line Item Class Name (QuickBooks Online, Intacct, NetSuite only)

  • Account Code – Bill Line Item Account Number (QuickBooks Online)

  • Account Code – Bill Line Item Account Name (QuickBooks Desktop, the number created as the account name)

  • Allocated Cost – Bill Line Item Amount

  • Custom Field – Bill Line Item Customer Name/Job Name (map job to the customer for QuickBooks Desktop)

Additional Information:

  • Please note that the physical copy of the invoice added in the Procurify Accounts Payable module (Create a Bill) will not move over to

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