What is 3-way matching?
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  • What is a 3-way match?

  • How does Procurify allow me to 3-way match?

A 3-way match refers to matching:

  • A purchase order (PO): A record of an order

  • An invoice: Request of payment for the purchase

  • A packing slip or receiving slip: Proof of delivery

How does Procurify allow me to 3-way match?

The vendor invoice, purchase order and packing slip all exist within Procurify and are tracked and compared throughout the Procurement process. Let's review the steps in the process required to 3-way match in Procurify.

  1. Once items are received from a vendor with a packing slip, the user will receive items in Procurify. By receiving the items, they are confirming that the packing slip or receiving slip matches and represents what was actually physically received.

  2. Items are updated on the purchase order as pass or fail depending on the quality of the item(s). If there is a discrepancy, the vendor should be contacted regarding the mismatch or inferior product in order to ensure the invoice received later by the vendor reflects what was received.

  3. Once the invoice is received from the vendor, a Bill can be created in Procurify's Accounts Payable module and you can complete the 3-way match to ensure it's okay to process for payment. When creating a Bill, upload the vendor Invoice, and then select the matching purchase order.

  4. Any received items on the selected purchase order will be auto-populated. Review each item on the uploaded invoice and ensure the quantity, price and item description match the items from the purchase order added to the Bill. Each item that exists and matches on both the purchase order and the received invoice has passed the 3-way match.

  5. If a 3-way match fails, the billing creator must investigate why it failed and determine the proper course of action.

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